California Trip
4/26/03 - 5/03/03







A few weeks ago, my friend Dave and I went out to Huntington Beach to see my one month old niece, Hannah. The trip also gave me a chance to see California, which I've only seen in movies or on tv. My friend and I had about a week to do everything--from catching up with my sister, Thuy Tien and my brother-in-law, Khanh, getting acquaintanted with his side of family (incredibly nice and hospitable people), to driving up and down the southern coast of California and then somehow ended up walking across the U.S. border into Tijuana, Mexico. We did a lot of walking, I mean a lot! Sometimes, it is nice to slow down and look around, absorb all the nice things around you.

The most dreadful part of the trip was the day that we have to go home. We had such a great time out there--the weather was nice, nice beaches, beautiful girls, incredible architecture, home cooking (my brother-in-law's sister can cook, big dinner every night).

On behalf of my buddy Dave, I want to say thank you to my sister, brother-in-law, his family and his brother-in-law, Truong for their hospitality. We had a GREAT time in California.

NOTE: The entire trip was captured by a Canon PowerShot S230 digital camera.


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