-Eating Out

Living in the U.S. gives me oportunities to try dishes from all over the world. Below are some examples of the dishes I often have for lunch. I'll add more photos soon.


honey mustard chicken w/ bacon

pat's cheese steak

beef dip

turkey sandwich and chicken soup

vienna grinder

new orleans fried chicken w/ cajun rice

corned beef sandwich with cajun rice



fried dumplings

fried dumplings with veg and meat

steamed dumplings

sticky rice with chinese sausage

mongolian beef

hot and sour soup

saute lobsters

roasted chicken

steamed fish with sauce

salt and pepper pork chop

pork dumplings

ribs with black beans

chicken cooked in hot pot

egg noodle with sliced beef


french dip and orange lemon cheese cake

french onion soup and turkey sandwich

ham cheese croissant & orange lemon cake

roast beef

napoleon cake

chocolate madness

lobster bisque soup

lamb steak

creme caramel






lamb, chicken, potatoes, spinach & bread




chicken medallions and garlic bread

salmon and rice

veal tips and rice

prosciutto with toast and eggplant

breaded chicken with veggie

wide shape pasta with veal meat sauce


lunch box special with sashimi

miso soup


sushi combo with tuna rolls

tuna nigiri

tuna rolls

tuna rolls

salmon sashimi & baby octopuses

tuna sashimi

lunch box special with

smoked salmon & philadelphia cream cheese

hibachi steak


beef chimichanga platter

beef fajitas

chips and salsa

chocolate flan



bread and homus

kubedeh with bread

kubedeh with rice


charcoal grilled chicken




alpargata (burgos, spain)

ensalada (burgos, spain)

jamon sandwich (burgos, spain)

paella (san sebastian, spain)

steak and fries (san sebastian, spain)

patatas bravas

tapas (san sebastian, spain)

tapas (san sebastian, spain)

tapas (san sebastian, spain)

spanish coffee (san sebastian, spain)

basque pastry (san sebastian, spain)


chicken wings stuffed w/ crab meat & soup

kao pad with chicken

pad pik king

pad woon sen

pad see ew

tiger shrimps

chicken and veggie

pla tod (fish fillet)

chicken satay

lemongrass soup

batter fried pork

chicken fried rice with pineapple


deep fried duck

larb gai

sticky rice and mango




banh cuon

egg noodle soup

egg rolls

grilled pork, egg, shredded pork & broken rice


pork/shrimps rolls

shredded pork rolls

grilled pork, egg rolls and vermicelli

beef stew and baguette

cubed steak w/ rice

spicy beef noodle soup

pan fried salted crabs w/ garlic & scallion

banh hoi (super thin vermicelli) w/ grilled pork

ham/paté sandwich

bun rieu (crab noodle soup)

lemongrass-caramel pork

caramel jumbo shrimps

banh xeo (crepe)

banh mi xiu mai (meatball sandwich)

bun mang vit (duck noodle soup)

banh mi bi (pork sandwich)

caramel chicken

grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane


-Home Cooking

Living alone means I have to do my own cooking. Except for the vietnamese omlette and beef salad, everything else are my own creations. It's easier to cook that way than follow the recipes.

beef salad

chili basil chicken with shrimps and veggie

chili basil chicken with shrimps and veggie

cubed steak salad

egg noodle soup

lemon-grass chicken

vietnamese omlette

pad pik king with tofu and pork

pad thai with tuna

pasta with pork, egg and shrimps

vietnamese curry beef stew


bbq pork (store bought) & chinese broccoli

lemon grass tofu

salted pork w/ garlic, scallion & pepper

cubed steak with rice and fries

vietnamese scrambled eggs, sausage & veg